№ 2 2020

Pinaeva L. G., Doronin V. P., Beliy A. S., Lavrenov A. V., Kapustin V. M., Noskov A. S.
Nowadays refining catalysts: scientific and technical level and provision of Russian enterprises by domestic
trade marks.

Kalinenko E. A.
Catalysts as a focal point of refining industry.

Kotlomin V. V.
Alkylate production: is the catalyst revolution coming?

Kolar M., Echt W.
Coso Case Study: 27 Years of Reliable Sulfur Removal digitalization, automation, mathematical simulation.

Dozortsev V. M.
Digital transformation in refinery Petrochemistry.

Ivanchina E. D., Ivashkina E. N., Dolganov I. M., Solopova A. A., Dolganova I. O., Pasyukova M. A.
Effect of the design of a linear alkylbenzene sulfonation film reactor on the formation rate of tetralins and sulfones lubricants.

Mitin I. V., Tatur I. R., Spirkin V. G.
Problems of regeneration of used oil oils Oil refining and petrochemistry library.

Sadeghbeigi R.
Fluid Catalytic Cracking Handbook.