July 2015


Makaryan I.A., Bersigiyarov P.K., Sedov I.V., Arutyunov V.S., Savchenko V.I.

Prospects of production of petrochemicals with high added value on the basis of GTL-processes of a new generation

Keywords: natural gas, associated petroleum gas, GTL products, synthetic gas, partial oxidation, carbonylation, carbon monoxide, saturated carboxylic acids and their esters, dimethyl carbonate, diethyl ketone, petrochemicals market

Abstract. Actuality, prospects of production and market forecast for GTL products of a new generation with high added value that can be produced according to the alternative route for GTL processes without the stage of synthetic gas production are analyzed. This alternative route developed by the authors is based on a direct oxidation conversion of hydrocarbon gases and subsequent carbonylation of oxidative products obtained.


Krakhmalev S.I., Platonova R.G., Zhukova N.V., Barmashova E.I.

Jointing and thread lubricating greases and dopes. Analysis of normative and advertising information.

Keywords: pressurization, Purpose of greases and pastes, paste, thread compressive greases and pastes, anti-wear and anti welding properties of grases and pastes, grease, pipeline control valves, compressive grease, stability.

Abstract. Published data on the rheological, anti-wear properties, resistance to various media and other characteristics of more than 40 brands of greases and pastes are summarized. Deficient of information value of quality index list of separate sorts is noted. Multi-faceted characteristics impede the choice of the grease, which the most effective in concrete conditions of application. The united list of characteristics for tightening and thread lubricating greases and dopes is posed.

The All-Russia Research Institute of Oil refining JSC, Moscow Efremov A.A., Peskov V.E., Roytman E.V., Frolov A.Yu.

«OKTA» E402″ additive for the production of unleaded gasoline emission class 5

Keywords: automobile gasoline, octane additive «OKTA» E402″.

Abstract. The Russian company «NPO «CHEMEVROPROM» has developed, patented and releases in Russia on an industrial scale octane additive «OKTA» E402 «, surpassing anti-knock effectiveness of MMA, having similar parameters for the use of technology, logistics and storage. Additive «OKTA» E402″ has 3rd hazard class, the possibility of involving in unleaded motor gasoline emission class 5 up to 2,0% mass. and is able to provide for Russian refineries the preservation of octane pool and production of high octane gasoline ON-92, ON-95, ON-98 of 5th emission class.



Ul’yanov B.A., Semenov I.A., Lavrenyuk T.A., Fereferov M.Yu.

Local utilization of gases of tanks in production of hydrogenizate

Keywords: hydrogen sulfide, vapor of hydrocarbons, adsorption.

Abstract. The results of investigation of gases composition in production of hydrogenizate are given. Adsorbents for purification from vapors of hydrocarbons and hydrogen sulfide are proposed. The main sizes of an adsorber are calculated.

Angarsk State Technical Academy; JSC «Angarsk petrochemical company»


Extracts of the protocol #122 of ANN board meeting of 29.04.2015