special issue #1 2021 Slavneft-YANOS

60 лет ПАО «Славнефть-ЯНОС»

Стр. 5-12

DOI: 10.32758/2071-5951-2021-0-4-5-12  

УДК 66

Shmeleva t. P., Morozov A. L., Zaiko E. A., Budakhina I. S., Stanyulis V. S. (SLAVNEFT-YANOS PJSC, Yaroslavl, Russia)

Public joint stock company Slavneft-YANOS. Development history

Публичное акционерное общество «Славнефть-ЯНОС». История развития

Keywords: oil refinery, oil, technological units, production modernization, high-quality products, innovative model of enterprise development, investment programs.

Abstract. the article reviews the stages of enterprise establishment, its modern achievements, as well as development prospects and plans for the modernization of production.

Currently, the public joint-stock company slavneft yaroslavnefteorgsintez (SLAVNEFT-YANOS PJSC; YANOS) is one of the largest oil refineries in russia. The structure of the enterprise includes main and auxiliary production. The main activity of SLAVNEFT-YANOS PJSC is a production of high-quality commercial oil products and petrochemicals by means of efficient processing of crude oil. the plant produces more than 40 types of products: motor gasolines and disel fuel of euro 5 standard, fuel for jet engines, a wide range of oils (industrial, turbine, compressor, base oils), bitumen (road, roofing, construction), tar, asphalt, paraffin-wax products, aromatic hydrocarbons, liquefied fuel gases and heating fuel oil. High technological level of production, the use of the latest russian and foreign achievements in the field of oil refining, continuous modernization of equipment ensure the competitiveness of SLAVNEFT-YANOS petroleum products in russian and foreign markets.


DOI: 10.32758/2071-5951-2021-0-4-13-19  


Karpov N.V.1, Vakhromov N. N.1, Dutlov E. V1., Bubnov M. A.1, Gudkevich I. V.,1 Kapustin V. M. 2, Chernysheva E. A. 2,Tarasov A.V. 3,  (1 SLAVNEFT-YANOS PJSC, YAROSLAVL, 2Gubkin Russian state University of oil and Gas, Moscow;  3 Yaroslavl state technical University, Yaroslavl). E-mail: BorisanovDv@yanos.slavneft.ru

Process flow diagram of Slavneft-YANOS PJSC

Технологическая схема ПАО «Славнефть-ЯНОС»

Keywords: oil refinery, process chain, oil products, atmospheric distillation, refining depth, hydrodemercaptanization, separate processing of diesel fuel, cracking, hydro processes, octane number, dewaxing.


DOI: 10.32758/2071-5951-2021-0-4-20-23  

УДК 622
Karpov N. V., Vakhromov N. N., Dutlov E. V.,Bubnov M. A., Gudkevich I. V., Borisanov D. V.

Base for drilling fluids. From import substitution to export prospective

Основы буровых растворов. От импортозамещения до перспективы экспорта.

Keywords: base for drilling fluids, import substitution, dewaxing, diesel fuel, test run.


DOI: 10.32758/2071-5951-2021-0-4-24-29  

УДК 661.7

Karpov N. V., Vakhromov N. N., Dutlov E. V., Bubnov M. A., Gudkevich R. I., Burov E. A.,

Borisanov D.V. (SLAVNEFT-YANOS PJSC, Yaroslavl)

Comparison of efficiency of diesel fuel fractions recovery at stages of atmospheric and vacuum oil

Сравнение эффективности отбора фракций дизельного топлива  на стадиях атмосферной и вакуумной перегонки нефти

Keywords: winter diesel fuel, feed, cloud point, cold filter plugging point, fractional composition.

Abstract. Purpose of this article is to compare technologies, quality parameters, determination of most
rational application of diesel fuel fractions, received at stages of atmospheric (hereinafter – at), and vacuum (hereinafter – VT) oil distillation.

Стр. 30-35

DOI: 10.32758/2071-5951-2021-0-4-30-35    

УДК 661.7


Repair department of the enterprise: today and tomorrow

Ремонтная служба предприятия: сегодня и завтра

Keywords: repair service of the refinery, technological equipment of units, technological units of the
enterprise, repair work, emergency stock.


УДК 665.658.26

DOI: 10.32758/2071-5951-2021-0-4-36-39  

Toptygin A. A.1, Gudkevich R. I.1, Morozov A. L.1, Burov E. A.2 (1Slavneft-YANOS PJSC, Yaroslavl;2Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas, Moscow)

Study of fractional composition change during hydrotreatment of light coker gasoil at high pressure

Изучение изменения фракционного состава при гидроочистке под высоким давлением легкого газойля коксования

Keywords: delayed coking, depth of oil refining, hydrotreatment at high hydrogen pressure, vacuum gas oil, diesel fuel.

Abstract. Slavneft-YANOS PJSC plans to commission delayed coking unit in 2025, and the key task is to increase the depth of oil refining and increase the share of high-margin petroleum products. As a result of evaluating the change of 95% of the diesel fuel boiling point during hydrotreatment at high hydrogen pressure, it was concluded that it is possible to expand the fractional composition of light coker gasoil at expense of heavy coker gasoil.


УДК 66

DOI: 10.32758/2071-5951-2021-0-4-40-45  

Shakhova N. M., Druzhinin A. A., Pikhtov M. I., Shibaev S. V., Klyukin A. N., Smirnova I. A., Prikhodko O. V., Prenglaev V. B. (Slavneft-YANOS PJSC, Yaroslavl)

Modernization of bitumen production at SlavneftYANOS PJSC

Совершенствование битумного производства в ПАО «Славнефть-ЯНОС»

Keywords: bitumen production, technology modernization, pilot base, formula perfection, new grades, stock renewal.

Abstract. Slavneft-YANOS modernized the bitumen production technology, the research pilot base allowed to develop and to put into production four new grades of bitumen, the stock of products was renewed by 57 %, the use of feed and the quality of bitumen are optimized within the requirements of the current standards. Slavneft—YANOS PJSC has an extensive PJSC has extensive experience in increasing the marginality of dark oil products [1–5].


УДК 66

DOI: 10.32758/2071-5951-2021-0-4-46-49  

Lebedev M. N., Rumyantsev S. V., Kopanskova T. V. (Slavneft-YANOS PJSC, Yaroslavl) E-mail: LebedevMN@yanos.slavneft.ru

Determination of octane number in the range from 100 to 110 without use of tetraethyl lead

Определение октанового числа в диапазоне от 100 до 110 без использования тетраэтилсвинца

Keywords: octane number motor method (MON), octane number research method (RON), master blends, isooctane, toluene, detonation.

Abstract. The reasons for the choice of toluene and isooctane blends to determine the octane number according to the research method in the range from 100 to 110 are reviewed. The data of experimental verification of operation with these blends are presented.


УДК 66

DOI: 10.32758/2071-5951-2021-0-4-50-52  

Rumyantsev S. V., Orlov A. Yu., Kharchenko Ya. A., Smirnov N. V., Cherniy D. V., Chubarov G. B. (Slavneft-YANOS PJSC, Yaroslavl)

Laboratory unit for evaluation of hydrogen sulfide additives-absorbers efficiency

Лабораторная установка для оценки эффективности присадок-поглотителей сероводорода

Keywords: fuel oil (mazut), elimination of hydrogen sulfide, additives, laboratory unit.

Abstract. The article describes a method for efficiency determination of hydrogen sulfide additives-absorbers used to reduce its concentration in the production of commercial fuel oil (mazut). The diagram and design of the labo-ratory unit are proposed. The method can be implemented in any refinery laboratory.


УДК 66

DOI: 10.32758/2071-5951-2021-0-4-53-56  

Egorov S. L., Balyuk D. S. (Slavneft-YANOS PJSC)

Energy efficiency is the future

Будущее за энергоэффективностью

Keywords: energy saving, energy efficiency, energy, oil refining, energy intensity index, energy management, international standard ISO 50001.

Abstract. The share of energy costs in the structure of specific costs for the production of oil refining enterprises comprises about 25–30%, which means that increasing energy efficiency is a real opportunity to significantly reduce costs and, accordingly, increase competitiveness. Therefore, the implementation of the energy saving program at such a large industrial enterprise as Slavneft-YANOS PJSC saves hundreds of millions of rubles a year.