Влияние эксплуатационных факторов на показатели метода оценки термоокислительной стабильности авиакеросинов в динамических условиях

УДК 543.637.4+665.753.2

DOI: 10.32758/2071-5951-2020-0-04-56-59

Influence of Operational Factors on Evaluating Method Indicators of Thermal Oxidative Stability of Aviation Kerosene Under Dynamic Conditions

Astafyev V.A., Anisimov D.I.

(Federal Autonomous Enterprise «The 25th State Research Institute

for Himmotology of Ministry of Defence of Russian Federation», Moscow)

Keywords: thermal oxidative stability of jet fuel, indicators of the TOS evaluating method, operational factors of the TOS evaluating method


 On the laboratory unit for evaluation of thermo-oxidative stability (TOS) of aviation kerosene under dynamic conditions the following regularities were obtained: test temperature, time of fuel stay in the heating zone and activity of the heat-low-water surface. Extreme dependence of the values of the index speed of pressure drop increase on the control filter W on the time of fuel stay in the heating zone τpreb, with its maximum value of 80 seconds was found. There is also shown a linear increase in the values of the sediment quantity in the estimating tube ΔE from the time of fuel staying in the heating zone τ, with the change of the straight line slope angle at τpreb also equal to 80 seconds. It was found that index of sediment formation beginning temperature does not depend on test temperature and time of fuel staying in the heating zone, but depends on activity of evaluation tube surface.


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