№ 7 2019

Improvement of the diesel fuel hydrodewaxing process effectiveness by the technological mode optimization through the use of the mathematical model N.S. Belinskaya, E.V. Frantsina, A.S. Lutsenko, N.E. Belozertseva, E.D. Ivanchina (National Research Tomsk Polytechnic University)

Use of karasyaz-taspas bitumen as asphalt concrete Y.O. Ayapbergenov, A.F. Ahmetov (Branch of «KMG Engineering» «KazNIPImunaygaz» LLP, Ufa state oil technical university)

Simulation of enhanced oil recovery fields in the final stages of development A.A. Gabdullin, A.M. Migranov, M.Sh. Migranov, F.A. Sadykov, R.N. Yakubov (Ufa state petroleum technical university (USPTU), Ufa state aviation technical university (USATU), RN — BashNIPIneft)

Optimization of the processes of catalytic decarboxylation of petroleum acids A.G.Gasanov, R.P.Jafarov, S.T.Aliyeva, I.G.Ayyubov, G.D.Gasanova, I.M.Mamedova, M.M.Qurbanova, F.S.Qurbanova (Institute of Petrochemical Processes of NAS of Azerbaijan)

Problems of formation and separation of abnormally stable oil emulsions at oil treatment facilities E.P. Trofimova, E.S. Sorokina, K.H. Pappel (TomskNIPIneft JSC)