№1 2021

Grigoriev A. V., Levanova O. V., Tyumentsev M. S., Frolova A. V., Lestev A. E., Rizvanova G. D.
Determination of organic chloride content in the specialty oilfield chemicals used in the crude oil extraction, transportation and refining by X-ray fluorescence spectrometry

Mamedov S. E., Akhmedova N. F., Efimova D. S., Mirzalieva S. E., Mamedov E. S., Shirinova S. M.
Transformation of right-running gasoline fraction and gaskondensate on bimetallic cata-lysts based on zeolit ZSM-5

Golovanova E. V., Tatur I. R., Tverdokhleb S. I., Moskalenko D. I.
Study of the adsorption of anti-wear additives on the surface of butosyl in oil dispersions

Ivanova K. N., Kharlamova M. A., Zuykov A. V.
Pre-fractionation concept in the scheme of straight—naphtha fractionation

Mitin I. V., Tatur I. R., Spirkin V. G.
Development prospects for the production of Russian biodegradable lubricants based on group V base oils

Mustafayev N. P., Novotrozhina N. N., Safarova M. R., Musayeva B. I., Gakhramanova G. A., Ismayilov I. P.,
Mustafayeva Y. S.
Study of the reactions of interaction of alkylxanthogenates with chlorine derivatives of glycerin and study of
lubricating properties of synthesized compounds

Stan’kovski L., Dorogochinskaya V. A., Tonkonogov B. P., Molokanov A. A.
Industrial technologies for processing waste oils

Sergeev S. M., Kudriashov V. A., Petrukhin N. V.
Method for calculating the thrust and specific thrust of a double-flow gas turbine engine based on the results of tests at the laboratory unit «Flame»