№2 2021

Russian oil refining catalysts: self-development trend

Shakun A. N., Fedorova M. L., Karpenko T. V., Demidova E. V.
Isomalk-3 and Isomalk-3R technologies for production of individual light paraffins as the feed for
petrochemical facilities

Parputc O. I., Zernov P. A., Rudykh S. O., Egorov A. V., Ostapenko V. A., Siponin M. A.
Highly efficient solid catalyst for alkylation processes. Evolutionary shift from butenes to isobutylene

Filonov D. N., Serdykov G. U.
Increasing the profitability of Diesel HDT unit due to selective catalytic dewaxing with Topsoe catalysts

Abdullayeva Yu. A., Alekperova N. H., Logmanova S. B., Kafarova N. F., Hasanova R. Z.
Investigation of the qualities of some promising oils of the Absheron oil and gas region

Mukhtarova G. S., Abdullayeva Yu. A., Hasanova R. Z., Logmanova S. B., Kafarova N. F.
The study of the qualities of light and oil fractions of Azeri oil

Medzhibovskiy A. S., Kolokolnikov A. S., Savchenko A. O., Poldushova G. A.
Influence of the synthesis method of tert-butylated triphenyl phosphates on the operational properties of
fire-resistant fluids

Abbasov V. M., Najafova M. A., Abdullayeva Yu. A., Akhmedbekova S. F., Balakishieva S. A., Alekperova N. G.,
Kasumov R. J.
Spectroscopic studies of oil products west-absheron oil fractions

Boykov D. V., Perepelin A. P., Hryashchev Yu. E.
Differences in the power parameters of diesel engines with a high pressure fuel pump and a battery fuel system for some types of fuel

Isaev A. V., Nikitin I. M., Popov V. P., Dunaev S. V., Lesin A. V., Averina N. P.
Modern evaluation methods thermal oxidative stability of reactive fuels in dynamic conditions and prospects for their development

Yanovskiy L. S., Ezhov V. M., Ilina M. A., Sharanina K. V.
Study of thermal-oxidative stability of synthetic oils for aircraft gas turbine engines and helicopter gearboxes

Ancheyta J.
Modeling of Processes and Reactors for Upgrading of Heavy Petroleum