№4 2020

Kopiltsova A. B., Tarasov B. P., Kopiltsov U. A.
Fuzzy measured environment (FMI) as the key factor errors while quality control of crude oil, oil products and oil pollution (Practical review)

Voytenko M. V., Zaharova M. S., Vagina A. O.
Analytical possibilities of ARL OPTIM’X and ARL PERFORM’X XRF spectrometers in petroleum industry

Arlynskiy D. A.
New solutions for the old problems: low-temperature characteristics of diesel fuels — new testing opportunities and benefits for the users chemistry and technologies of oil-refining

Khairudinov I. R., Telyashev E. G., Tikhonov A. A.
Experience in solving the problem of effective deep processing tar at TANECO JSC Lubricants

Rajesh J. Shah
IF-WS2 Nanoparticle Additives for High Performance Water-Based Lubricants

Abbasov V. M., Abdullayev S. E., Hasanova R. Z., Gafarova N. F.
Modern environmental requirements for lubricating oils

Basakina T. V., Bartko R. V., Antonov S. A., Krizhevskaya E. T., Danilov A. M.
Nanosized additives in lubricant chemotology

Anisimov D. I., Juravleva V. D., Lihterova N. M.
Thermolysis mechanism of fuel components for jet engines

Ivanov A. V.
Explanation of Standard Specification for Performance of Active API Service Category Engine Oils

Astafyev V. A., Anisimov D. I.
Influence of Operational Factors on Evaluating Method Indicators of Thermal Oxidative Stability of Aviation Kerosene Under Dynamic Conditions Industrial Safety

Spirina E. A., Sidorok P. V., Marushkin A. B., Korotkova L. N., Andrianova A. O.