№5 2020

Tsvetkov O. N., Maksimov A. L.
Development trends of lubricants in Russia

Noria Co.
How effective is your lubrication program?

Rajesh J. Shah, Novikov E. A.
Tribology as an intrinsic part of ecology

Zolotov V. A.
Environmental aspects of the use of lubricating oils and alternative energy sources on the way to improve transport sector of the world economy

Levingstone G., Ameye J., Thompson B.
Rethinking condition monitoring strategies for today’s turbine oils

Alkov I. D.
Core fuel indicator
How does refined oil products exchange trading work

Smirnov K. Yu., Antonov A. E., Smirnov S. G.
Lubricants overview – What? When? Where?

Radchenko L. A., Morshanskaya Yu. A., Beskova A. V., Zhumlyakova M. A., Tyschenko V. A.
Studies on the selection of domestic viscosity additives for multi-grade hydraulic oils HVLP

Tyschenko V. A., Shabalina T. N., Sheykina N. A., Volgin S. N., Gavrilova I. A., Sheykina M. A.
Hydraulic oils production technologies development for rocket and space technology control systems

Grishin N. N., Sereda V. V.
Basic theoretical thesises of chemmotology

Rybakov Y. N., Danilov V. F., Danilov I. V.
Equipment identifying vapor leakages and recovery of petroleum product vapor when stored