mir nefteproduktov 3-2021


Lavrentjev V. A., Golovina E. S.,
Formulating regression equations for the virtual analyzers of the main quality factors of the alkylation process

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Upgrading of heavy oil under the exposition of supercritical water at different temperatures

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A study of thermal and antiwear properties of the oil compositions involving a condensed alkylphenol detergent additive

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Development of technology for producing base oil and environmentally friendly petroleum plasticizer

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Synthesis of s-tetramethyl–, ethylammonium-o-butylxantogenates and study of them as antimicrobial additives to lubricant-cooling fluids

Zolotov V. A.
Development of technical requirements for the properties of automotive engine oils, taking into account trends in climate protection on the planet

Tyumentsev M. S., Grigoriev A. V.
The effect of inorganic solid particles and water on the results of a sulfur content measurement in crude oil with an X-ray fluorescence spectrometry

Kalyanova O. A., Peskovets A. V., Tatur I. R., Bagdasarov L. N.
Features of production and application of sulfo-nate greases