№4 2021 — Topic of the issue: analytical methods for quality control of petroleum and petroleum products

Novikov E. A.

Metrological traceability of measurement results in petroleum product properties determination

Raj Shah, Nathan Aragon

Flash Point Testing: Explained and new current innovations discussed

Kopiltsova A. B., Tarasov B. P., Kopiltsov U. A.

How to certify reference materials: by voting or by exact weights

Suwaid M. A., Al-Muntaser A. A., Abdaljalil N. I., Varfolomeev M. A., Djimasbe R., Saleh M. M., Alfarttoosi A. B.

Effect of reaction time on the process of upgrading heavy oils in the presence and in the absence of oil soluble catalysts at 250 °C

Suyunov R. R., Laser M. I.

MELANGETM technology of the bitumen production in one-stage without oxidation

Ershov M. A., Savelenko V. D., Shvedova N. S., Tokareva D. V., Potanin D. A., Khabibullin I. F., Klokova I. V.

Overview of modern multifunctional gasoline additives. Market, key components, and methods for evaluating their effectiveness