УДК 628.3

DOI: 10.32758/2071-5951-2020-0-5-60-64

Rybakov Y.N., Danilov V.E., Danilov I.V.

(Federal Autonomous Enterprise «The 25th State Research Institute for Himmotology of Ministry of Defence of Russian Federation») E-mail:

Устройства обнаружения утечек и рекуперации паров нефтепродуктов при их хранении

Keywords: ecology of petroleum product supply facilities, petroleum products leakage, petroleum vapor recovery, automated leakage identification system.


The problem of losses of oil products from leaks during their storage and transportation at oil supply facilities is considered. The influence of oil product leaks on the environmental situation around oil depots and gas stations is shown. A detailed overview of existing methods and tools for detecting leaks of petroleum products from storage facilities is presented. The evaluation of their effectiveness. Two methods for detecting oil leaks and devices based on them are proposed. The first device monitors the movement of liquid in the tank, the second-detects petroleum products in wastewater. The problem of recovery of petroleum vapors and environmental pollution from the release of vapors of light fractions into the atmosphere is also considered. An overview of existing methods and means of recovery of petroleum vapors is presented. Two methods and devices for capturing oil vapors and returning them to the reservoir are proposed, based on different principles: vapor absorption in the cooled oil product and vapor recovery on the principle of the Carnot cycle. It is shown that these devices can provide effective detection of oil leaks and recovery of their vapors, as well as improve the effectiveness of environmental protection at modern gas stations and tank farms.


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