DOI: 10.32758/2071-5951-2020-0-5-45-49

УДК 665.7.03

Radchenko L. A., Morshanskaya Yu. A., Beskova A. V., Zhumlyakova M. A., Tyschenko V. A. (JSC «Middle Volga Oil Refining Research Institute» (JSC «MidVolgaNIINP») E-mail:

Исследования по подбору отечественной вязкостной присадки для всесезонных гидравлических масел уровня HVLP

Кеуwords: viscosity additives, multi-grade hydraulic oils HVLP, destruction of polymer.


At the present time, imported viscosity additives purchased abroad are used to produce premium multi-grade hydraulic oils in Russia. The high technology production such oils is entirely dependent on the import of these additives. At the JSC «MidVolgaNIINP» conducted research on the development and selection of domestic viscosity additives is not inferior to foreign analogues in the composition of hydraulic oils of the HVLP.

For select the domestic viscous additive of optimal quality were studied three laboratory samples of polyalkyl methacrylate additives in physicochemical and operational properties in base oil. The results obtained were selected a domestic viscosity additive with a narrow molecular-mass distribution (2.19 Р) and a minimal weighted average molecular weight (34983 Da) that allows hydraulic oils to meet the requirements DIN 51524-3 and OEM. Studies had found that the quality of thickened oils is affected by the content viscous additive. The optimal contents of domestic additives for obtaining oils of viscosity levels ISO VG 32 and ISO VG 46 have been determined. The results are used in further research on the development of multi-grade hydraulic oils HVLP.


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