DOI: 10.32758/2071-5951-2020-0-6-16-21

УДК 621.436 + 621.89.017

Lihterova N. M.

(FAE «The 25th State Research Institute of Himmotology of Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation», Moscow)

Современное состояние производства топлив для реактивных двигателей

Keywords: jet engine fuels, anti-wear additive, antioxidant additive, jet engine fuel production technology.


The article provides an analytical overview of the state of production and demand for jet engine fuel. Issues related to the production technology and component composition are considered.

The data on production volume of fuel for TS-1 and RT jet engines are presented and the main producers are listed. The main difference between T-8V and T-6 types of fuel created especially for military supersonic aircraft and TS-1 type of fuel is shown, and the needs of T-6 and T-8V types of fuel are assessed taking into account modern combat composition of the Russian Armed Forces.

The issue of different production technologies and composition of TS-1 fuel grade and the difference between TS-1 and RT fuel grades was raised. The list of foreign additives used in production, the use of which under the conditions of economic sanctions from the U.S. and the European Union makes the production of domestic jet engine fuels dependent on supplies from abroad is a potential threat to Russian national security. Possible ways of obtaining domestic fuel additives are presented.