Scientific and technical journal “WORLD OF PETROLEUM PRODUCTS” (first published in December 1999) – specialized periodical publication of scientific and practical profile.

Volume of the journal – 64 spaces, full color edition, format – A4, periodicity – 6 issues per year.

The journal is registered with the State Press Committee of the Russian Federation (certificate of mass medium registration № 018580 dated 05.03.99).

HAСBy the decision of the Higher Attestation Commission of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia № 6/6 dated 19.02.10 the journal is included in «The list of leading peer-reviewed scientific journals and publications in which the main scientific results of dissertations for the degree of candidate and doctor of sciences should be published.» Since September 26, 2008 the journal has been included in the Russian Science Citation Index – data base, which is located in an integrated scientific information resource in the Russian Internet zone of the scientific electronic library (www.elibrary.ru).

Publication founder Voskresenskaya Kristiana Alexandrovna

Publisher EPC “Proffesia” www.epcprof.ru

Managing editor

Kapustin V.M. — Dr. Tech. Sciences, Professor, Russian State University of Oil and Gas named after I. M. Gubkina, Moscow, Russia

The journal features an authoritative editorial group of leading experts of the petroleum refining and petrochemical industries both in Russia and in the countries of near and far abroad, who has scientific degrees of doctors and candidates of science. Materials provided by authors for placement, as a matter of course, passes peer review.

Main headings of the journal

  • Chemistry and technology of petroleum refining
  • Chemotology
  • Lubricants
  • Analytical control of petroleum and petroleum products
  • Petrochemistry
  • Ecology and analytical control
  • Digitalization, automatization and mathematical modeling
  • Industrial safety

Additional headings of the journal (as information becomes available)

  • Conferences. Exhibitions. Developments
  • Refining and petrochemical library

The most important areas of the journal’s activities are the placement of research results and practical developments of researchers, doctoral students, graduate students (applicants), university professors, specialists from enterprises and organizations, both state and market structures. The journal participates in almost all specialized exhibitions, symposiums, congresses and conferences, including international ones.

Materials published in the journal contain information:

  • about new petroleum products, petrochemical products and special products offered on the market by domestic and foreign companies;
  • about the rational use of products in order to increase their service life and save raw materials and energy resources, the use of new types of raw materials, materials, reagents and catalysts;
  • about developments in the field of creating environmentally sound and energy-saving oil products;
  • on promising technologies of oil refining and petrochemistry, reconstruction, improvement and intensification of existing production facilities, on the implementation of scientific advances, progressive schemes of mechanization and automatization of production processes;
  • on issues of metrology, standardization and certification: new international classifications, correspondence between domestic and foreign standards;
  • on the implementation of mathematical methods and electronic computing technology in the planning and management of industry;
  • on issues of substitution and import substitution.

The journal publishes interesting papers presented at various scientific seminars and conferences dedicated to current problems of refining and petrochemistry, as well as information on past and planned thematic forums, exhibitions and conferences.

The magazine is intended for specialists of oil refining and petrochemical industries, organizations using petroleum products, as well as entrepreneurs interested in their quality.

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