#5 2023

Petrochemistry: technology, processes

Zolotov V. A., Bakunin V. N. Low-Ash Motor Oils: Technologies and Application Trends

Gadirov A. А., Nagieva E. A., Farzaliev V. M. Synthesis of Benzotriazole Derivatives and their Effect on Antioxidant Properties of Synthetic Lubricant Oil Mammadbayli

E. G., Ismailova S. V., Jafarov R. P., Hajiyeva G. E., Farzalizade O. M. Optimization of the Process of Obtaining Aminome-thoxy Derivatives of Menthol Huseynova

G. A., Aliyeva N. M., Gasimova G. A., Rashidova S. Y. Study of the Catalyst ZSM-5, Modified Zr, for the Alkylation Process of Oil Distillate Fractions

 Popov A. V. Fuel Gas Production Technology for the Oil Refining Industry

Digitalization, automation, mathematical simulation

Kopiltsova A. B., Tarasov B. P., Kopiltsov Yu. A. How to Resolve the Conflict between Accuracy and Reliability, Completeness and Timeliness of Measurement Information: a Review

Gasimova F. I., Jafarov R. P., Aghamaliyev Z. Z., Farzalizade O. M., Gamzaeva G. N. Optimization of the catalytic cycloalkylation process of phenol with 1-methylcyclopentene

Bugaev E. S., Safronov E. M., Zuikov A. V., Ershov M. A., Kapustin V. M. Software Tools for Planning and Optimization of Technological Schemes of Refineries


Lashkhi V. L., Chudinovskikh A. L., Tatur I. R. Calculation of the Effectiveness of the Actual Detergent Effect of Detergents


Seminar dedicated to petroleum products analysis held at exhibition “Analytica-Expo-2023”